March 2020

Advanced Durable Goods Orders


Advanced Durable Goods Orders: The U.S. Census Bureau reported that; new orders for durable goods orders decreased by 0.2% month on month, (m/m) in January, following the 2.9% increase in December. The always-volatile nondefense aircraft orders, decreasing 66.7% m/m and down 41.8% y/y influenced this trend significantly. The Advance Report on Durable Goods (DG), provides [...]

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U.S. Service Center Shipments


U.S. Service Center Shipments:  On a three month moving average, (3MMA) basis, January total carbon steel shipments averaged 149,600 tons per day, compared to 146,100 tons per day in January 2019 (0.2% year on year, YoY). Overall carbon steel inventory is down 8.1% YoY. Figure 1 shows percentage change results for shipments, daily intake and [...]

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Construction Put-in-Place, (CPIP)


­­­Construction Put-in-Place, (CPIP): Total U.S. construction spending continued to perform well in January 2020, especially in the state and local sector. Census Bureau non-seasonally adjusted (NSA), constant dollar CPIP data showed that January’s twelve month total, (12MT) construction expenditures grew by 4.8% year on year (y/y), to $314.4 billion (B). On a 12MT basis, private [...]

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ISM Manufacturing Index


ISM Manufacturing Index:  The Institute of Supply Management’s Index moved down 0.8 points on month, (m/m) to 50.9 for February 2020, this value is a little weaker than the forecast of 50.7.  The index has been greater than 47, (>50 = expansion) for two consecutive months. The new orders sub-index scored a 49.8. Overall, the ISM [...]

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U.S. Steel Capacity Utilization


­­U.S. Steel Capacity Utilization: The total tonnage for the week ending February 29th was 1,923 million net tons, at a capacity utilization rate of 82.5%. The first time the capacity utilization has been over 82 percent since the week of January 1st, 2020. The year to date tonnage output is 17,212 million net tons, at [...]

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U.S. Fabricated Beams Final Imports


U.S. Fabricated Beams Final Imports:  Fabricated Beam final imports to the U.S. were down 3.2% YoY, and up 17.8% MoM in December 2019, coming in at 36,940 tons.   Figure 1 breaks down total final fabricated beam imports from January 2019 – December 2019. When comparing year to date figures from 2019.   Figure 2 [...]

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U.S. Steel Merchant Final Imports


U.S. Steel Merchant Final Imports: Merchant final imports to the U.S. came in at 26,439 tons in December 2019, down 3.2%% month over month (MoM). Figure 1 further breaks down total final beam imports from January 2019 – December 2019. When comparing year to date figures, it shows that beam imports peaked in October 2019 [...]

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U.S. Steel Rebar Final Import


U.S. Steel Rebar Final Imports: Rebar final imports to the U.S. came in at 45,613 tons for the month of December 2019. Rebar imports include: concrete reinforcing bars and rods of iron or non-alloy steel, in irregularly wound coils hot-rolled, concrete reinforcing bars and rods of other alloy steel, not further worked than hot-rolled, hot-drawn or [...]

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U.S. Steel Beam Final Imports


U.S. Steel Beam Final Imports: Beam final imports came in at 4,884 tons for December 2019, down 54.0% m/m. These include: Angles, Shapes and H Sections, Angles, Shapes and I Sections, Angles H Sections Iron and Non-Alloy Steel Hot-rolled, and Other H Sections. Figure 1 further breaks down total final beam imports from January 2019 [...]

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