Data released by the US International Trade Commission reported fabricated beam imports rose 4.1% m/m, as year to date imports through November totaled 443,000 tons (kt), a 27% YTD y/y increase. This year over year increase was led by imports classified under HTS 730890.6000 alloy or partial alloy fabricated beams. Up 62% YTD y/y compared to imports through November 2015 for this product. Figure 1 displays beam and fabricated beam imports. With one month left in the year, YTD all beam imports totaled 999 kt, 153% above 2010 total beam imports. Including beam licenses requested for December importation, the 2016 US beam import market will exceed 1 million tons by year end.


Figure 1

Beam imports from China fell 85% YTD y/y, yet fabricated beam imports from China rose dramatically, up 134% YTD y/y, (Figure 2). Thirty percent of US fabricated beam imports originated from China. While China holds significate import market share, 61% was shipped from our NAFTA trading partners. Canada was the largest provider of fabricated beams and increased shipments by more than 50% YTD y/y. Significant imports from Italy, the UAE, Luxembourg and Spain also contributed to 2016 increased imports.

The gulf region received in excess of 170 kt which include fabricated beams from China, UAE and Mexico, (Figure 3). The Great Lakes region received most imports from Canada and Europe, although some fabricated beams were imported from China to this region of the US. The Atlantic region received tonnage from Canada and Europe, while the Pacific US received fabricated beam imports from China and Mexico.