dec-08-2016-table-1The overall long products, apparent domestic consumption (ADC = domestic shipments + imports), was down 1.0% on a 12 month y/y basis ending November, and down 5.6% growth on a 3 month y/y metric. This difference indicates a deterioration between the two periods as indicated by negative 4.6% momentum, (Table).

Light shapes recorded stronger growth on both 3 and 12 month y/y comparisons, +1.3% and 3.0% respectively. All other product groups posted negative growth on a 3 month y/y basis, however structurals showed improved performance on a 12 month y/y comparison, up 1.6%, while rebar was flat (0.0%).

Figure 1 presents a graph of all long product domestic shipments plus imports. Overall import market-share for the first 10 months of the year was 23.1%, up 0.7 points from the 22.4% level recorded through November of 2015. Import levels YTD varied considerably by product group ranging from a low of 10.5% for merchant products to a high of 39.6% for wire rod.

Examining mill shipments (domestic shipments + exports, bottom part of Table), all product groups posted declining growth rates on a 12 month y/y basis (except other light shapes and structural angles & channels), with an overall 2.5% decline. On a 3 month measure the all product group growth recorded declines (except structural angles & channels, +0.9%) with an overall decline of 6.5% y/y. This means that domestic share was negatively impacted as a result of higher import levels.