U.S. Steel Capacity Utilization

July 17th, 2018|Comments Off on U.S. Steel Capacity Utilization

The total tonnage for the week ending July 14th was 1,783 million tons, (Mt) at a capacity utilization rate of 776.1%. For the first 28 weeks of 2018, total tonnage output was 49,435 Mt, at [...]

Oil and Gas Rotary Rig Counts

July 14th, 2018|Comments Off on Oil and Gas Rotary Rig Counts

The total number of operating rigs in the U.S. the week as of July 13th was 1,054 with 863 oil rigs and 189 gas. In percentage terms, on a month on month, (m/m) basis, oil [...]

Consumer Confidence

June 25th, 2018|Comments Off on Consumer Confidence

The Consumer confidence index increased by 2.4 points in May according to the Conference Board. The index now stands at 128.0. Bloomberg reports that a strong job market influenced the views on the current state [...]

Currency Report

June 13th, 2018|Comments Off on Currency Report

The dollar Broad Index posted a reading of 97.95 for May, up 2.7% month on month. On a twelve moving average, (12MMA) year on year, (y/y) comparison, the dollar was down 1.6% against the Broad [...]

Employment by Industry

June 13th, 2018|Comments Off on Employment by Industry

In May there were good gains in both construction and manufacturing. The total number of seasonally adjusted (SA), non-farm people employed in the U.S. in May was 148.662 million (M), a relatively flat increase of [...]

Automotive Sales

June 11th, 2018|Comments Off on Automotive Sales

Data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA), shows that total light (cars and light truck/SUVs), vehicle sales in April were at a seasonally adjusted annual rate, (SAAR) of 12.346 million (M), units, down 55,000 [...]

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