­­­Construction Put-in-Place

Census Bureau non-seasonally adjusted (NSA), constant dollar CPIP data showed that October total construction expenditures grew by 2.2% year on year (y/y), to $1220.9 billion (B). Private expenditures advanced 6.4% y/y, while, State & Local contracted by 2.8% y/y. Non-residential CPIP increased by 3.3% y/y to $569.6B. Construction spending came-in above expectations in October at [...]

China Domestic Prices

China Metals Weekly (CMW), August 31st newsletter reported that long products prices continued to move-up briskly on all product lines on a month over month (m/m), basis. Angles advanced 15.8% to $599 per ton, channels jumped 16.0% to $592. Beams rose 15.6% to $584. Wire rod priced increased 11.7% to $570 and rebar increased by [...]

Portland Cement Shipments

For the three months total (3MMT), ending April, national Portland cement shipments fell by 4.4% on a 3MMT year (y/y) basis. An -18.5%, 3MMT y/y decline in the Pacific region pulled down the national volume and growth. The Mountain region was the only census zone to record a 3MMT y/y increase (+2.4%). Portland cement shipment [...]