Currency Report

The US dollar (USD) has declined in value against the seventeen steel trading nations that we track. Of these 17, 12 have gained against the dollar over the past three months, 10 over the past month. Looked at over a one year period, the dollar has lost ground against 9 of the 17. The dollar [...]

Consumer Credit

Total consumer credit increased by $8.20 billion (B), in April down substantially from March’s $19.54B and far below analyst’s expectations. Both revolving and installment credit fell month on month, (m/m). The 3 month moving average (3MMA) total credit was $14.75B. On a non-seasonally adjusted (NSA), year on year, (y/y) basis, total consumer credit increased by [...]

Currency Report

The US dollar (USD) has fallen for 5 consecutive weeks against the Broad Index, (a trade weighted basket of currencies). The May 2017 Broad index value was 99.34, down 0.4% from the April’s reading and down 2.1% compared to 3 months ago. On a year over year (y/y) comparison, the dollar was up, 2.2% and [...]

Growth of US GDP Q1 2017

The annualized Gross Domestic Product (GDP), growth rate in the second estimate of the first quarter (Q1), of 2017 was 1.15%, revised upward from the dismal 0.7% first estimate. Increases in nonresidential fixed investment and in personal consumption expenditures were larger and the decrease in state and local government spending was smaller than previously estimated. [...]

Beige Book Summary

The overall summary is that; the economy continues to expand across most of the nation at a modest to moderate pace. Tight labor markets are reducing the rate of hiring and causing wages to rise. The housing market is strengthening.  Policy uncertainties are negatively impacting business investment.  The economy is expected to continue grow and [...]