Beam final imports to the U.S. were down 17.4% in 2018, year on year (y/y), totaling 284,039 tons YTD ending July 2018. July 2018 Beam final imports came in at 41,549 tons, significantly higher than the 14,569 tons in June.

There are four HTS codes that contribute to our definition of Beams. These include: Standard Beams. = 17,019 tons, Wide Flange (>3.15” in height, 4” – 14”, <25#) = 1,520 tons, Wide Flange (>3.15” in height, 8” – 18”, 25#> <60) = 5,007, and Wide Flange (>3.15” in height) = 18,004 for July 2018

beamsfinal-fig1 Figure 1 charts the largest exporting countries in rank order for both 2018 and 2017. Korea was the largest exporter at 87,956 tons, up 2.4% from the 85,913 ton volume in YTD July 2017. Korean imports accounted for 31.0% of the YTD total in July 2018. 

Luxembourg brought-in 76,989 tons of beams to the U.S. market YTD, down 17.6% from this same period in 2017. Spain with 18,470 tons, down significantly from the 59,921 tons from the same period in 2017. Taiwan exported 40,450 tons of beams to the U.S., up from the 12,941 tons they exported this time last year. Mexico exported 28,592 tons, up 71.4% y/y.

Table 1 beamsfinal-table1shows the entry port into the U.S. for both July 2018 and January 2017 and the percentage change y/y.

Boston was the largest receiving port for July 2018, receiving 14,439 tons, up significantly m/m from the 1,207 tons in June. Los Angeles offloaded 10,001 tons in July, after receiving zero tons in the month of June. The Houston-Galveston port ranked third with 8,414 tons up significantly m/m from the 1,847 tons in June.

Of the nineteen ports, the top three ports represented 79.1% of all imports. The other sixteen ports combined to receive 8,695 tons of beam imports in July 2018, 20.9% of the total volume in July 2018.

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