July 2018

Global Crude Steel Production and Capacity Utilization


Worldsteel Association (WSA) reports that global crude steel production totaled 151.4 million tonnes (Mt) at a capacity utilization rate, (CUR) of 78.5% in June. On a year on year, (y/y) comparison, global crude steel production in June decreased by 3.02 Mt as the capacity utilization rate rose 1.0 percentage points, the highest capacity utilization reported [...]

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U.S. Manufacturing Capacity Utilization


Manufacturing capacity utilization (MCU), scored a 75.5% in June, up 0.67% month on month, (m/m), its third consecutive monthly increase. On a year on year (y/y) comparison the MCU was up 0.9%. Manufacturing fundamentals continue to improve. Both the U.S. and global economy are strengthening and at the same time, the dollar has depreciated against [...]

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U.S. Industrial Production


The June Industrial production, (IP) report gained 0.6% month on month, (m/m). This after a disappointing negative 0.5% change in May. On a three month moving average. On a year on year, (y/y) basis, the IP index was up 3.8%. Overall capacity utilization rose 0.6 percentage point, while manufacturing capacity utilization decreased by 0.03% m/m. [...]

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U.S. Steel Capacity Utilization


The total tonnage for the week ending July 14th was 1,783 million tons, (Mt) at a capacity utilization rate of 776.1%. For the first 28 weeks of 2018, total tonnage output was 49,435 Mt, at an average capacity utilization rate of 75.5%. In 2017, the same 28 weeks production total was 48,566 Mt at 73.8%. [...]

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ISM Manufacturing Index


The Institute of Supply Management’s Index moved up 1.5 points on month, (m/m) to 60.2 for June 2018. This value is an encouraging sign for the manufacturing sector. The index has been greater than 50, (>50 = expansion) for twenty-two consecutive months. The new orders sub-index scored a 63.5. Overall, the ISM manufacturing index is strong [...]

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ISM Non-Manufacturing Index


The Institute for Supply Management’s non-manufacturing composite index increased by 0.5 of a point month on month, (m/m) to a still very strong 59.1 in June. The indexes is off strong start in 2018, up 1.6% 3MMA y/y. The strong advance in the index points to continued growth in the nonmanufacturing segment as the fundamentals [...]

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Construction Put-in-Place, (CPIP):


Construction Put-in-Place, (CPIP): Total U.S. construction spending continued to perform well in May, especially in the federal sector. Census Bureau non-seasonally adjusted (NSA), constant dollar CPIP data showed that May’s twelve month total, (12MT) construction expenditures grew by 4.0% year on year (y/y), to $1256.0 billion (B). On a 12MT basis, private expenditures advanced 4.8% [...]

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