For all of 2018, Rebar final imports to the U.S. were down 25.8% year on year (y/y), totaling 1,566,308 tons. January rebar imports were 95,805 tons, 56.8% lower than January 2017 volume of 221,968 tons. Year to date, (YTD) straight length rebar accounted for 98.3% of the total imports, “other rebar” made up the balance.

rebarfinal-fig1Figure 1 charts the largest exporting countries in rank order for both 2018 and 2017. Turkey was by far the largest exporter at 61,079 tons, down 69.2% from the 198,247 ton volume in January 2017. Turkish imports accounted for 63.8% of the total in January.

Brazil brought-in 17,418 tons of rebar to the U.S. market in January. Brazil did not send any tons in January 2017. The Dominican Republic with 17,418 tons January 2018. This represents a 312% y/y increase in volume y/y. Mexico exported 7,339 tons of rebar to the U.S. in January, up from just 83 tons in January 2017. Japan exported 15,752 tons in January 2017. Japan did not export any rebar to the U.S. market in January 2018.

Table 1 rebarfinal-fig2presents the volumes received by U.S. port of entry. Houston/Galveston was the port that took in the most tons, 59.2% of total shipments in January 2018. This January’s shipments were 34.2% lower than January 2017. Baltimore was next with 10,771 tons, rising 36.3% y/y. San Juan PR offloaded 7,437 tons, an increase of 312%, y/y. Porto Rico is rebuilding after the devastating hurricanes last fall. Philadelphia landed 6,900 tons, falling 86.3% y/y. Boston received 5,067 tons of rebar in January 2018, down 30.3% y/y. San Diageo offloaded 3,388 tons, up from just 83 for January 2017. Laredo TX was the next largest port bringing in 3,283 tons, up from zero in January 2017. Ogdensburg NY took-in 1,096 tons, up from zero in January 2017. El Paso TX received 669 tons, up from zero in January 2017. Buffalo brought-in 226 tons, up from zero in January 2017.

St. Albans NY, San Francisco, New York and Charleston combined to receive an additional 219 in January 2018. The total for January 2017 was 6,655, with 6,461 arriving at San Francisco.

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