Wire rod final imports to the U.S. were up 3.5% year to date (YTD), year on year (y/y), totaling 1,785,302 tons for the eleven months ending November 2017. November’s tonnage recorded 104,703 tons, 35.5% lower than the YTD average volume of 162,300 tons.

wirerod-finalimport-fig1Figure 1 charts the largest exporting countries in rank order on a YTD basis through November for both 2016 and 2017.

Canada was the largest exporter with 532,032 tons, up 3.5% YTD y/y. November’s tonnage was 45,555 tons, 5.8% less than its YTD average of 48,367 tons. Japan sent 292,127 tons to the U.S. YTD, up 0.5% YTD y/y. November’s volume came in at 25,582 tons, 3.7% lower than its YTD average of 26,655 tons. Brazil exported 156,970 tons of rod, gaining 29.5% YTD y/y. November’s volume was 9,643 tons, 32.4% less than its YTD average volume of 14,733 tons. Germany was the next largest with 128,696 tons, up 103% YTD y/y. Volume for the month of November was 12,416 tons, 6.1% more than its YTD average of 11,700 tons. Turkey ranked fifth YTD with 113,681 tons, up 21.5% YTD y/y. Turkey exported zero tons in both October and November. Ukraine sent 103,482 tons of rod to the U.S., down 32.5% YTD y/y. Ukraine has not exported any rod since July.

Canada, Japan, Brazil, Germany, Turkey and Ukraine combined to account for 1,326,988 tons for 74.3% of total wire rod imports.

Russia brought in 57,893 tons wire rod to the U.S. YTD, 44.0% less than the same timeframe last year. Russia has not exported any rod in since July. Spain’s YTD y/y volume decreased by 35.9% to 49,748 tons. November volume was just 35 tons after zero in October and 45 tons in September. Egypt is a new entrant over the last four months adding to 48,699 tons YTD. November volume was zero. Egypt did not ship any tons in 2016. Mexico YTD wire rod exports were 44,333 tons, off 12.3% YTD y/y. Mexico exported 2,193 tons of rod to the U.S. in November, down 45.5% from its YTD average of 4,030 tons.

The United Kingdom sent 40,305, down 23.2%, YTD y/y. The United Kingdom’s November volume was zero tons. The UKs YTD monthly average was 3,664 tons. Korea sent 37,560 tons of rod to the U.S. YTD, down 62.9% y/y. Korea’s November tons came-in at zero tons, its YTD average was 3,415 tons. Vietnam exported 35,555 tons to the U.S. YTD. Vietnam has only been active in April (54 tons) and August (15,838 tons) and October (13,264 tons). Vietnam did not export rod to the U.S. in 2016. South Africa exported 31,156 tons of rod to the U.S. market YTD 2017, up 41.3% YTD y/y. South Africa has not exported any rod since June. Italy exported 29,887 tons YTD, up 22.0% y/y. Italy has not send any rod to the U.S. since August. Belarus landed 27,757 tons of rod in the U.S. market YTD, down 21.5% y/y. Belarus has not shipped any tons since June.

Fourteen other countries exported a combined total of 55,421 tons, 3.1% of wire rod to the U.S. market YTD 2017. During the same period last year the same 14 country’s shipped substantially less, 4,742 tons.

New Orleans was the largest receiving port, offloading 551,834 tons YTD, down 2.2%, YTD y/y. New Orleans’ November volume was 20,572 tons. Detroit held the number two spot with 392,652 tons, up 6.8%, YTD y/y. Detroit received 35,329 tons in November. Ogdensburg, NY took-in 120,597 tons, down 7.0% YTD y/y. Its November receipts were for 9,245 tons. Houston-Galveston took-in 103,340 tons, up 4.5 %, YTD y/y. November’s tonnage was zero after a 17,961 ton month in October.

Charleston received 97,252 tons, off 14.9%, YTD y/y. November volume topped 6,539 tons. Tampa ranked fifth with 96,599 tons, off 15.7 YTD y/y. Zero rod tons were exported to Tampa in November. Philadelphia brought-in 88,340 tons, up 3.6%, YTD y/y. November tonnage was 5,969 tons. Mobile took-in 79,369 tons YTD, up 141%, YTD y/y. November volume was 6,407 tons. Savannah offloaded 65,051 tons, up 2.4%, YTD y/y, 2.1% lower than for the same period last year. The 10th largest wire rod receiving port was Cleveland, with 32,083 tons, up 1.0% YTD y/y. November tonnage was 8,003 tons. Laredo TX received 31,871 tons YTD 2017, down 6.1% y/y. November receipts totaled 1,701 tons.

Eighteen additional ports combined to receive 126,313 tons of wire rod imports thus far in 2017, 7.1% of the total volume YTD in 2017. Year to date 2016, the same 18 ports took in 102,311 tons resulting in 5.9% of 2016 YTD shipments.

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