Wire rod final imports to the US were up 12.3% year to date (YTD), year on year (y/y), totaling 1,079,011 tons for the six months ending June 2017. On a month over month, (m/m) comparison, wire rod imports were flat (+0.3%), at 202,231 tons.

wirerod-final-importFigure 1 charts the largest exporting countries in rank order on a YTD basis through June for both 2016 and 2017.

Canada, Japan and Turkey combined to account for 570,796 tons for 52.9% of total wire rod imports.

Canada was the largest exporter with 303,265 tons, up 5.0% YTD y/y. Month on month, (m/m) Canada’s volume was down 10.0% to 49,645 tons. Japan sent 155,004 tons to the US YTD, down 4.3% YTD y/y. On a m/m basis, Japanese volume was up 50.2% to 31,770 tons. Turkey ranked third YTD with 112,967 tons, surging 92.0% YTD y/y. For the month of June, Turkish exports jumped to 51,854 tons, 45.6% of the YTD total and 13 times May’s exports of 3,959 tons. Brazil exported 87,734 tons of rod, soaring 60.8% YTD y/y. Month on month volume was up 3.9% to 18,824 tons. Ukraine sent 87,264 tons of wire rod to the US down 3.6% YTD y/y. Its shipment volumes have been erratic ranging from zero tons shipped in June to 30,825 tons in February.

Germany was the next largest with 53,151 tons, up 38.5% YTD y/y. Volume for the month of June was well down from May’s 33,507 tons to 6,121. Germany’s YTD average was 8,858 tons. Russia was the 7th largest exporter of wire rods to the US, with 53,151 tons, off 2.7% YTD y/y. On a m/m basis, volume fell 16.0% to 5,557 tons. Spain’s YTD y/y volume increased by 24.3% to 42,234 tons. Month on month exports dropped 62.5% to 3,819 tons. Spain’s YTD average export volume was 7,039 tons. South Africa exported 31,156 tons of beams to the US through June, up 41.3% YTD y/y. Monthly volume plummeted to 2,171 tons from May’s unusually high 21,774 tons, well below its YTD average tonnage of 5,192 tons. Mexico was the 10th largest beam exporter with 31,048 tons, up 22.0% YTD y/y. Mexico exported 4,885 tons in June, down 8.7%.

Sixteen other countries exported a combined total of 123,592 tons, 11.5% of wire rods to the US market YTD 2017.

New Orleans was the largest receiving port, offloading 363,598 tons YTD, up 25.8% YTD y/y. Detroit held the number two spot with 223,148 tons, up 10.5% YTD y/y. Tampa ranked third with 73,948 tons down 6.3% YTD y/y. Ogdensburg NY was the next largest port bringing in 67,377 tons YTD, a decrease of 11.7% YTD y/y. Charleston received 65,847 tons, up 7.4% YTD y/y. Houston-Galveston took-in 64,338 tons, up 31.2 % YTD y/y. Philadelphia brought-in 48,566 tons, down 3.2% YTD y/y. Savannah offloaded 34,658 tons, down 20.8% YTD y/y. Mobile was next with 33,384 tons for an increase of 31.7% YTD y/y. The 10th largest wire rod receiving port was Laredo TX, with 24,184 tons, surging 44.8% YTD y/y.

Seventeen additional ports combined to receive 79,962 tons of Wire rod imports thus far in 2017, 7.4% of the total volume YTD.

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