Merchant final imports to the US were up 4.3% year to date (YTD), year on year (y/y), totaling 299,931 tons for the six months ending June 2017. On a month over month comparison, Merchant imports were up 5.4% at 53,755 tons.

merchant-import-finalFigure 1 charts the largest exporting countries in rank order on a YTD basis through June for both 2016 and 2017. Mexico and Canada combined account for 68.9% of the total, up 4.6 percentage points YTD y/y.

Mexico was the largest exporter with 114,797 tons, up 14.80% YTD y/y. Month on month, (m/m) volume was down 1.2% at 18,757 tons. Canada sent 91,911 tons to the US YTD, up 8.0% YTD y/y, m/m volume was off 14% at 13,392 tons. Japan ranked third YTD with 35,797, down 2.7% YTD y/y. For the month of June, Japanese exports were flat at 7,692 tons. Turkey sent 19,829 tons of merchants to the US, flat YTD y/y. Month on month Turkish volume was down 3.1% at 4,349 tons. Taiwan was the next largest with 7,541 tons, up 26.8% YTD y/y. Volume for the month was double Mays’ at 1,719 tons. Korea in 6th place exported 7,114 tons YTD, falling 44.4% YTD y/y. Month on volume jumped 70.8% to 1,537 tons. Germany was the next largest with 5,991 tons, up 64.6% YTD y/y. German merchant exports in June soared to 1,723 tons, eleven time May’s volume. Brazil sent 3,810 tons of merchant products to the US YTD up 8.5% YTD y/y. Volume for the month of June jumped to 1,187 tons, up from Mays’ 100 tons. These top eight countries account for 93% of the total merchant intake. There were 19 other countries that exported a combined 20,255 tons of merchants in June.

Laredo Texas was the largest receiving port, offloading 80,279 tons YTD, up 21.9% YTD y/y. Detroit held the number two spot with 60,305 tons, up 2.5% YTD y/y. New Orleans ranked third with 25,849 tons falling 9.4% YTD y/y. Houston/Galveston was the next largest port bringing in 20,783 ton YTD, an increase of 10.4% YTD y/y. San Diego, received 18,880 tons, down 3.7% YTD y/y. Buffalo took-in 17,670, climbing 14.4% YTD y/y. El Paso was the 7th largest receiver of US merchants with 15,026 tons, up 4.5% YTD y/y. Los Angeles offloaded 13,447 tons, up 5.2% YTD y/y. Savannah was next with 10,093 tons, plummeting 25.6% YTD y/y. Rounding-out the top 10 was Ogdensburg NY, bringing in 8,182 tons, up 37.5% YTD y/y. Twenty-one additional ports combined to receive 29,371 tons of merchant imports thus far in 2017, 9.8% of the total volume YTD.

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