Currency Report

The US dollar (USD) has fallen for six consecutive months against the Broad Index, (a trade weighted basket of currencies). The June 2017 Broad index value was 97.77, down 1.3% from the May’s reading and down 2.8% compared to 3 months ago. Table 1 lists the values of the USD measured in the currency of [...]

U.S. Industrial Production

The IP index on a three month moving average (3MMA), basis ticked up 0.4% month on month (m/m), beating analysts’ expectations of 0.3% growth. Industrial production advanced at an annual rate of 4.7% the Q2 as mining (includes oil exploration) and utilities were the principal contributors. Manufacturing output rose at an annual rate of 1.4%, [...]

Beige Book Summary

The national summary from mid-May through June is that; The economy continued to expand in all 12 districts at a slight to moderate pace.  Tight labor markets are reducing the rate of hiring and causing wages to rise moderately. Consumer spending remained strong, with the exception of slower automobile sales. The housing market is strengthening. [...]