Rebar licenses thus far in May total 56,450 tons, down 64.5% from last month’s 159,020 tons. Year to date (YTD), there have been a total of 762,663 tons of rebar license requests, down 63,500 tons or 7.7% from YTD 2016.

rebar-fig1Figure 1 shows total rebar licenses through May for both 2016 and 2017 as well as the average unit value (AUV), as reported by the Steel Import Monitoring System (SIMA). Prices are trending higher as depicted by the light-blue line.

Figure 2 charts the YTD total by country for 2016 and 2017. Turkey’s license requests through May total 611,286 tons down 20,000 tons YTD y/y. Turkish material accounts for 80% of all rebar licenses YTD. Turkey’s license requests in May to date stand at 29,042 tons. This is substantially lower than the first four months of the year average of 145,561 tons per month. Japan was the next biggest player with 24,160 tons YTD, off sharply from YTD 2016 level of 131,939 tons. Japan has not requested any licenses since February.rebar-fig2

Vietnam has a YTD total of 42,067 tons of licenses, up from zero in 2016. Vietnam is looking for 17,375 tons for May, its highest monthly request this year. Peru also had zero tons in 2016, but has YTD requests for 25,473 tons. May’s 7,801 ton license request was the was the only month other than February’s 17,672 ton request for rebar licenses so far in 2017. The Dominican Republic’s license total YTD was 12,234 tons, very similar to the YTD 2016 total of 11,473 tons. Its monthly totals have been trending down over the past three months, 3,114 tons in March, 2,960 tons in April and 1,323 tons thus far in May.

Canada’s YTD total was 13,431 tons, up sharply from YTD 2016’s total of 5,570 tons. The majority of this was licensed in February with 10,803 tons. May’ license requests were down to just 1,323 tons. Portugal’s YTD total was 17,662 tons, which was all licensed in March. Portugal did not ship rebar to the US in the first five months of 2016. Taiwan has not exported any rebar thus far in 2017 after shipping 16,243 tons through May of last year. Germany’s total license request YTD were 2,703 tons, down from 4,724 tons last year. Germany’s license request for May to date were for 544 tons up marginally month on month.

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