The US is by far the largest exporter of beams to Canada, accounting for 54.1% of total imports for January.  The US sent 32,117 tons of beams north, up 44.6% from January 2016. Total beam imports for the month were 59,336 tons, down 7.6% year on year

canada-import-fig1Figure 1 shows the exporting in ranked order comparing January 2017 to January 2016. Luxembourg ranked second on the list with 5,585 tons, less than one third of the volume shipped in January 2016. Similarly third ranked South Korea exported 4,665 tons this January, a fraction of the 17,853 tons sent in January 2016. Spain in fourth place picked-up a lot of the tons vacated by Luxembourg and South Korea, shipping 15,885 tons up from just 1,813 tons y/y. China was a non-player in January exporting only 99 tons of beams, down substantially from the 3,272 tons exported the same time last year.

Table 1 compares January 2017 with January 2016, looking at imports by province. Quebec and Ontario combined brought-in 79% of the 59,446 ton total imports in January.  Ontario’s volume dropped 32.2%, while Quebec’s volume ballooned compared to the 151 tons imported at same time last year.canada-import-table1

Wide flange beams ranging in size from 5.9 inches to >25 inches made up 46,277 tons or 78% of the total import volume in January. Standard beams and I beams combined for 11,838 tons over the same timeframe.

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